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Product Reviews: Cambro RFSC6PP190 Cover, for Storage Container, 6 & 8 qt, Translucent, Polypropylene
Cambro (RFSC6PP190)
Product Code: 144-RFSC6PP190
durable storage 11/14/2012
Comments about Cambro Cover, for Storage Container, 6 & 8 qt, Translucent, Polypropylene:

We use this product in our bakery to store flours in small quanity on the worktable so the flour is handy for use when dusting the work surface while kneading. We also use them to pre-weigh ingredients into, as part of our pre-mixing process—several smaller batches of speciality doughs can be set up at one time in advance. This gets the scaling done all at one time. Lastly, we use these as proofing buckets for smaller batches of dough. The lids keep the doughs moist while rising, and with just a light coating of cooking spray, the proofed dough slides right out onto the keanding table. They are easy to clean and stack for storage, taking up little space on the shelf. Great product!