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Product Reviews: Waring CB15 Heavy Duty Food Blender w/ 1-gal Stainless Container & Clear Lid, Key
Waring (CB15)
Product Code: 141-CB15
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This machine is a BEAST 12/24/2012
Comments about Waring Heavy Duty Food Blender w/ 1-gal Stainless Container & Clear Lid, Key:

This is not some prissy little "cute" machine to sit on a tiny little shelf somewhere. This machine is a BEAST, and will take anything you throw at it. I have emulsified some VERY robust stews/soups into some of the most delicious gravies I have ever tasted. Hot and cold. The stainless container is easy to clean, and when I am through, I KNOW it's clean. If you want to mix a boat load of malted/shakes for a crowd of people, this is the machine for you. I went with the straight forward design. High, med, low, pulse. Easy to clean the controls and platform. This machine has presence in the kitchen, so take your measurements. When you get this home, and take a good look at it, you're gonna see why this beast will get the job done. I have been extremely pleased with this machine. I enjoy also, the envy of my guests. This machine will process/emulsify solid food for G-tube applications. I have used it many times in the past, for my mother's G-tube nutritional needs. For those of you who do not understand, this machine will emulsify solid food to the consistency required to flow through a tube which feeds a person through the stomach. (G-tube) This can be a difficult task for many blenders. I have burned up/melted other blenders. Not this one. Excellent performance. If I had to do over, I would make the purchase again.