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Product Reviews: Dexter Russell 9569 4.25-in Knife Fork Combination w/ Sheath, Rosewood Handle
Dexter Russell (9569)
Product Code: 135-18240
BEST utensil ever, (One) HANDS DOWN! 07/12/2011
Comments about Dexter Russell 4.25-in Knife Fork Combination w/ Sheath, Rosewood Handle:

I use this utensil nearly every day for any meal with meat or pizza. Take it with me anytime I'm out. The design is perfect; weighty enough to be substantial; the leather sheath makes it easy to carry. I lost use of one arm years ago, and my wife saw someone using one. Have had several ever since. Have also shared it with some elder relatives, and they love it, too. The only CON is that it was hard to find on-line, but I wouldn't settle for a cheaper, less durable, less well-designed version! Thanks, KaTom!!