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Product Reviews: Dexter Russell 22345-6N 6-in Narrow Stiff Boning Knife w/ Beech Handle
Dexter Russell (22345-6N)
Product Code: 135-01355
classic. 01/03/2014
Comments about Dexter Russell 6-in Narrow Stiff Boning Knife w/ Beech Handle:

This is a classic design- well made and simple. This knife is of good steel, and holds an edge well. It is stiff, and narrow, so you can bone most anything with it. I just boned a chicken and it did very nicely. If you want a skinny blade or thinner profile, this may not be quite the knife for you. I needed a non-flexible boning knife, and this was priced right enough for me to buy. Incidentally, I was antiquing with mom the other day and found one just like this that was at least 20 years old. We bought it, sharpened it, and that old one is no worse at all from age.