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Product Reviews: Roundup DFWT-150 20" Sandwich Steamer w/ Manual Water Fill, 120v
Roundup (DFWT-150)
Product Code: 085-DFWT150
Makes my life simple 07/26/2009
Comments about Roundup 20" Sandwich Steamer w/ Manual Water Fill, 120v:

I own two restaurants and we use these to make steamed sandwiches and vegetibles. They can be used to cook almost anything. The timer alows you to start it and leave it, freeing up time wasted with a pump style steamer. It also produces more consistant results. Every sandwich is the same everytime. I have cooked seafood, rice, bbq, burgers, hotdogs, and vegetibles with ours. I wish it had a water level on the outside. So, you could see when the water level was getting low with out haveing to open the reservoir. I have had one of these steamers 3 years, used 6 days a week 11 hours a day, and only had to change one switch. So, when I decided to open another restaurant this was one of the first things I ordered.