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Product Reviews: Stolzle 200-00-31 Classic 7-3/4-oz Wine Tasting Glass
Stolzle (200-00-31)
Product Code: 075-2000031
Perfect, affordable glass for tasting 02/23/2012
Comments about Stolzle Classic 7-3/4-oz Wine Tasting Glass:

When I studied wine with the WSET (Wine and spirits Education Trust) we were required to buy their brand of INAO certified tasting glasses. They were a similar 7oz. glass with a tapered rim and no lip. I found them to be perfect for instructional tasting, but at $5 a glass, they were too expensive to buy in bulk. When I started teaching my own wine appreciation classes, I searched high and low for a comparable glass. Virtually none of the restaurant supply houses carried anything close to this model, so I was elated when I found them at Katom. These glasses are perfect for pouring a proper 2-3oz. serving while allowing enough room in the glass for the wine to breathe. If you've ever used a glass that was too wide, you'd find that the wine has almost no smell. The tapered tulip shape of this glass directs the aromas right to the nose. The glass is almost colorless, which is great because you get to see the true color of the wine. The best feature is that these glasses have no "bead" on the rim like many cheaper glasses do. The edge is clean, tapered and smooth. I've used Riedel professional glasses for tasting and it makes a huge difference in how the wine tastes when you have a sharp, tapered rim. This is hard to find in bulk-order glasses.