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Product Reviews: Univex 1405 Manual 5-in PattyPress Burger Mold
Univex (1405)
Product Code: 071-1405
it works well 07/04/2012
Comments about Univex Manual 5-in PattyPress Burger Mold:

The upper section moves up and slides sideways to allow ground meat to be placed in the bottom section. The clearance between the top section and bottom section is sufficient to avoid the meat being pushed off the bottom section when the upper section slides back to be positioned over the bottom section so that the meat can be pressed into a patty. We tried another machine from another maker and the clearance between the top and bottom sections was too low - the top section kept pushing the ground meat off the bottom section or pushed it to the side - to only way to use that machine was to preform (by hand) the patty before placing it in the bottom section to avoid the top section from contacting it while moving sideways over the bottom section - defeats the purpose of having a patty maker. Although we would have preferred a patty maker where the upper section simply moves up and down via a press handle like a citrus juicer, this machine does the job easily and efficiently, and that's all that really counts - the patties come out well.