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Product Reviews: Victorinox - Swiss Army 40504 4.5-in Steak Knife w/ Round Tip & Red Nylon Handle
Victorinox - Swiss Army (40504)
Product Code: 037-40504
AWESOME knives 04/21/2014
Comments about Victorinox - Swiss Army 4.5-in Steak Knife w/ Round Tip & Red Nylon Handle:

We received our first paring Victoinox knife as a wedding gift 20 years ago, it is still cutting flawlessly! We have received 2 more paring knives over the years and they too are AWESOME. We finally got tired of spending $$$ every other year on new steak knives and finally sprung for a full set of the Victorinox, red handled steak knives... OMG, we should have spent the money years ago and never have to worry again about dull, bending and rusting knives that were purchased elsewhere.