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Product Reviews: Carlisle 34614514 18-gal Step-On Waste Container - Polypropylene, Beige/Blue
Carlisle (34614514)
Product Code: 028-34614514
sturdy and durable 05/03/2012
Comments about Carlisle 18-gal Step-On Waste Container - Polypropylene, Beige/Blue:

After over 20 years, my wife & I decided it was past time to replace our old Rubbermaid step-on trash container with one of an equivalent size. We were looking for a container capable of holding a 30 gallon trash bag. To our surprise, we found that stores in our area no longer carry such containers, opting instead to carry indoor trash cans with a much smaller capacity. We therefore searched online, and this product seemed to best fit our needs at the best price. One large plus in comparison with our old trash container is that the lid is firmly attached. On our older model, it was possible (in fact, almost unavoidable) to pop the lid off with a vigorous step. The Carlisle model, however, has the lid firmly attached. The one drawback keping this item from earning a perfect mark in our household is the placement of the bag holding hooks at the rear of the container. This placement leaves about a 3/4" gap between the back of the bag and the rear of the container, making it possible to have small trash items slip past the back of the bag and into the can itself. Despite the term "18-Gallon" in the name of this product, we find that a 30 gallon trash bag provides for an ideal fit. Based on the amount of trash we can place inside this container during the week, we feel that the phrase "18 gallon" underrates this container.