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Product Reviews: BUNN-O-Matic 38700.0009 AXIOM-DV-3 Automatic Brewer, 3 Lower Warmers, Dual Voltage
BUNN-O-Matic (38700.0009)
Product Code: 021-387000009
Killing two birds with one stone 03/19/2012
Comments about BUNN-O-Matic AXIOM-DV-3 Automatic Brewer, 3 Lower Warmers, Dual Voltage:

We purchased 2 of these for our office of approx. 70 people. Specifically looking for the hot water on demand (2 birds, 1 stone) This works perfect for the employees who are on timed breaks as they don't wait for the water to boil & coffee brews fast as well. The only con that we have found so far is that if the enable brew switch/warmer is turned off, the main tank will not fill with water therefore running out after a few cups. If the brew switch is left on & there is no coffee/pot on the element it remains hot as long as the switch is on which could be hazardous should someone touch this burner (warmer)