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Product Reviews: BUNN-O-Matic 13300.0004 VP17-3 SS Pourover Coffee Brewer, 2 Upper/1 Lower Warmers
BUNN-O-Matic (13300.0004)
Product Code: 021-133000004
Not too bad...I'd buy another one 11/14/2012
Comments about BUNN-O-Matic VP17-3 SS Pourover Coffee Brewer, 2 Upper/1 Lower Warmers:

We bought two of these models for our church's coffee shop. We're able to keep up with high volume just fine with both of them. This model is not necessarily a space saver but it fits just fine on a standard depth countertop. The opening to pour water into on the top front is easy to access. We like that they are portable and are abe to cart them around to different parts of the church to use for various events. May not be the top of the line Bunn but we are very happy with them. Wish Bunn would include a coffee pot or two with this model like they use to on some of their other models. This one would be fine for a small restaurant if you don't mind a pourover feature as opposed to one that's directly plumbed to a water supply.