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Product Reviews: BakeMax BMCSC05 Countertop Hot Food Showcase, 35 in L, Wet or Dry
BakeMax (BMCSC05)
Product Code: 012-BMCSC05
Be Aware 10/14/2011
Comments about BakeMax Countertop Hot Food Showcase, 35 in L, Wet or Dry:

We have bought the BakeMax food display case for out store. It's not even 3 months and the filaments are not working and is not getting hot. I talked to the company and they said it doesn't cover under warranty. For me to replace the filaments it is costing me $600 (with shipping from Canada) including installation. It wouldn't make sense to buy $800 worth product and spend another $600 in parts within 6 months. I wouldn't recommend and buy other quality product.