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Product Reviews: Advance Tabco 18-8A-13 Half-Size Bun Pan, 18-ga Aluminum
Advance Tabco (18-8A-13)
Product Code: 009-188A132X
Excellent pans for the home cook! 04/01/2011
Comments about Advance Tabco Half-Size Bun Pan, 18-ga Aluminum:

I'm so happy to have found these pans online. I bought 3 and was amazed at how inexpensive they were. I have two pans that I inherited from my mother. She borrowed them from work 35 years ago and they've held up perfectly. I wanted a couple more. I've used them for cookies, buns, homemade granola, roasting veggies, I freeze soup flat in freezer bags on them, catch flower seeds from drying flowers, a zillion things. This is why I needed more than 2. The 35 year old pans are stained but perfect. I'd long since stopped using my regular cookie sheets for actual baking - I'd found that Mom's worked so much better. Using both kinds of sheets in the same oven and the same batch, these cooked well and the cheaper thinner grocery store type cookie sheets would cook things more unevenly and sometimes burn them. Same oven! same batch! side by side! My old thin cookie sheets are now in the shed. My new sheets fit and nest perfectly with the old 'borrowed' sheets from Mom! I'm sold on these, and now, after all these years, I have FIVE SHEETS! Yay!