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Product Reviews: Rubbermaid FG1963000000 13-1/2" Scraper Spatula - Red Handle
Rubbermaid (FG1963000000)
Product Code: 007-1963
The gold standard... 07/20/2009
Comments about Rubbermaid 13-1/2" Scraper Spatula - Red Handle:

The Rubbermaid series of heat-resistant spatulas are the standard in commercial kitchens everywhere. I have had my personal set at home for years (medium spatula, small spatula) and I finally decided to order more as I use them so much I needed an extra set. The only issue I have found is that tomato sauce can stain the blade; however the staining does not seem to transfer any off flavors to things like whipped cream and egg whites after you wash the spatula. Also, they are very tough and durable. If I didn't have these, I don't know what else I would use!