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Product Reviews: Polar Ware 323 Tri-Ply Stock Pot w/o Cover, 32 Qt., Stainless Steel
Polar Ware (323)
Product Code: 002-323
$130.88 Product Discontinued
Very sturdy well built pot 09/05/2012
Comments about Polar Ware Tri-Ply Stock Pot w/o Cover, 32 Qt., Stainless Steel:

I used this stock pot last weekend to cook a large batch of marinara sauce for canning. The pot worked great with my Valcano II portable grill to simmer down the sauce. It heated up fast and I had no problems with any burning due to the 3 ply construction of the pot. It was simmering about 8 hours and I stirred it about every 20 minutes and there were no hot spots to cause burning. The only thing that could be better about this pot is to have handles that don't get hot. This was not a big deal for me though, I just used hot mitts to take it off the grill. I liked it so much that I'm going to buy the smaller 16 quart pot to replace a thinner stainless pot used for chilli and stews. This should solve the burning problem that I sometimes have.. The Polar Ware brand was recommened to me by my friend's mom and I'm happy to recommend it to you too!