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Product Reviews: Polar Ware 12N 13-qt Stainless Steel Utility Pail with Bail Handle
Polar Ware (12N)
Product Code: 002-12N
$33.78 Product Discontinued
What did I need a 13 quart for? 01/25/2012
Comments about Polar Ware 13-qt Stainless Steel Utility Pail with Bail Handle:

Our cow milks out over 3 gallons at a time. This pail holds all the milk, has a large enough opening that you don't "miss" the bucket while milking. Because it's seamless no bacteria collects, simply wash with mild soapy/ bleach solution and your milk is free of bacteria. Another great benefit is, after collecting all that milk, we make cheese. The pail holds all the whey when we strain it. I recommend this product to all homesteading families. I'm going to collect berries with it this summer, use it in the garden to hold produce, oh the uses are as limited as your imagination. Did I mention you can use it to clean up when you're done making messes? PS I received my products a few days after ordering, thanks Katom!!